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#1 Attrakt

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#1 Chikara

#2 Edge Sandalwood

#3 NPA for Men

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Pheromone FAQs

What are pheromones?

I can tell you as much as I know based on the large amount of research that I've done. Scientists know that pheromones exist, and that they are chemicals that are produced by our bodies and act as a sort of communication with others. Unfortunately, nearly all studies that have been done surrounding pheromones have been done with animals, not humans. It has been found that they can affect social behavior, mating rituals, and in humans they have been found to effect menstrual cycles in women. Being a girl, I can tell you that for some odd reason (my best guess is pheromones) whenever you live with other girls (as long as you aren't taking birth control to regulate your cycles), literally ALL of you will eventually sync together and start your cycle at the same time. It's weird.

Do all pheromones have a smell?

Yes and no. It generally depends on the concentration of pheromones in whichever product it is that you have. Another interesting fact is that pheromones are dimorphic in that male pheromones smell more potent to men, but have more of an effect on women, and female pheromones smell more potent to women, but have more an effect on men. This is one of several reasons why it's important to start small. There are quite a few pheromones on the market right now that are quite potent. Both Primal Instinct and NPA are fairly strong, and you would definitely be able to smell them if you sniffed an open bottle. Androstenone, which is a common pheromone used in many products, cannot be smelled at all by between 40 and 50% of men. It's easy to go overboard with these pheromones (especially if you can't smell them), so start out with a little bit and work your way up.

Other pheromones on the market right now are advertised as being scentless. This usually just means that it's a different combination of pheromones that are just at a level that is harder for us to detect by directly smelling them. The one thing that I've found is that some people will be able to sense these scentless pheromones better than others. So, again, start out with a smaller amount even if the product claims to be scentless!

Why did you build this site?

Well, my current boyfriend started using male pheromones in college. I got interested in them a bit later, specifically after I found out that he had been wearing them throughout the early stages of our relationship. I secretly made it a mission of mine to find out how much these pheromones may have attributed to my attraction to him. I told my girlfriends about it, and not long after we were trying out female pheromones on every guy we knew.

I've graduated college since then, and have also found out that there are a lot of crappy sites out there just trying to sell you a shit product so they can make a buck. I also hate sites that only market pheromones as a way to get sex. While it may be true that pheromones can help you get laid (eventually), I just don't really like the sites with naked chicks all over the place. And really, a LOT of women want to use pheromones too. I mean, come on!