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Best to Attract Men

#1 Euphoria for Women

#2 Scent of Eros

#3 Primal Instinct

Best to Attract Women

#1 Chikara

#2 Pherlure for Men

#3 NPA for Men

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Attracting Men

Euphoria for Women

Scent of Eros

Primal Instinct

Attracting Women



NPA for Men

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Light Blue Perfume

Cool Water Cologne

Pheromones for Men

Here are our top rated pheromones for men. They got the best reactions from the ladies, but also had other good results in social situations. Read on to find out more.

#1 Chikara

Why the ladies like Chikara

Chikara smells amazing. It doesn't always noticeably make me feel super nice, but it definitely gets me hot and bothered! I really love how it smells. My girlfriends say that it makes them feel sexually attracted to guys, which is what most guys want, right? Lucky boys!

Why the guys like Chikara

My boyfriend says likes Chikara because girls look at him more, and generally seem much more interested. He also feels way more confident and sexy, which is awesome. All of the other guys that we had try it had similarly positive results!


Chikara is a bit expensive, but it's worth every damn penny in my opinion. Believe me, there are a lot of similarly priced pheromones out there that are complete crap in comparison. It usually sells for around $60-$70 per bottle, and also comes in an unscented version if you'd like to mix it with your favorite cologne! I would definitely recommend mixing unscented with some Green Irish Tweed (see below)!

#2 Pherlure

Why I like Pherlure

Pherlure is the one pheromone that consistently made us feel happier, and more friendly. I can always tell when my boyfriend wears Pherlure, it smells great and generally puts me in a good mood!

Why he likes Pherlure

My boyfriend likes Pherlure because he says that all people are generally nicer to him when he wears Pherlure. He also likes it because the scent isn't overpowering!


Pherlure is usually $49.99 per bottle, which is about mid-range as far as pheromone prices go. Their site has a buy 2, get 1 free deal for $99.99. While this is a good deal, you should definitely make sure it works well for you before purchasing that much!

#3 NPA for Men

NPA for men

Why I like NPA for Men

NPA for men is great because it evokes this awesome sexual attraction! Some of you are probably thinking, well why is this #3 then? Well, this is pretty strong stuff. When applied correctly, it can have amazing effects. But you need to be careful, especially if you're going to be around a lot of other guys! Read on to find out more.

Why he likes NPA for Men

The bf loves NPA for all of the attention from women that he gets. They get very touchy feely and suggestive. But it can have an affect on other males as well. NPA for Men contains high amounts of androstenone, which is more of an alpha male type of scent. This could mean more aggression from other guys, so be careful!


NPA for men is an unscented pheromone additive that you mix with your favorite cologne or aftershave. But be careful not to use too much; it's very concentrated! It's best to start out with a very small amount, and slowly work your way up until you get the best results.

It's only $29.95 per bottle, which is also a great deal for pheromones! I highly recommend this stuff!

Still Unsure?

If you've read reviews, and still don't feel ready enough to jump in with one of the "headier" pheromones, consider trying the Beginner Special for Men. If you order the beginner's special, you will receive one bottle of Edge pheromones, a bottle of musk scented pheromone oils, and an atomizer. The atomizer allows you to play around with the ratio of pheromones to scented oil to find what works best for you. The best part is, if you don't have any success you can return the pheromones and keep the oil and atomizer.



Cool Water cologne by Davidoff is an awesome mixer to use with your pheromones. I am not kidding at all. It seriously makes me weak in the knees! I would swear that there has to be some kind of male pheromones in there, but I've researched it and haven't found anything.

It's affordable, and by far the best smelling thing a man can wear in my opinion. My guy laughs at me whenever he wears it; I always react right away. All I want to do is be close to him; the closer the better! I won't give you any of the dirty details. But let me say, mixing this cologne with unscented pheromones could cause some serious damage!