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University of Chicago Researchers Establish Proof of Human Pheromones

A University of Chicago researcher has established the first scientific proof for human pheromones, compounds undetectable as odors but which have a major impact on the timing of ovulation.

The findings will be published Thursday, March 12 in a paper, "Regulation of Ovulation by Human Pheromones," in the journal Nature, by Martha McClintock, Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago.

"These data demonstrate that humans have the potential to communicate pheromonally, either by using an unidentified part of the main olfactory system, or perhaps with a sixth sense, with its own unique pathway," McClintock writes in the paper, which she co-authored with Kathleen Stern, a 1992 Ph.D. graduate in psychology from the University of Chicago who is a researcher in private industry. ...Keep Reading